Forrester Predictions 2022!

Reading up on Forrester Predictions 2022 and got stuck with two headlines that aren´t new really but rather already trends that will become even more important. We know that the pandemic has shaped consumer expectations and pushed companies to be more innovative and agile at a faster pace. I am just a little bit surprised that the strategy seems to be more pushed from what competitors are doing instead of what the customer is asking for. Shouldn´t It be the other way around?

And second: Value-based consumers are here to stay! I hope so for many different reasons. Companies need to create value for their customers, meet their expectations, create services that are requested, and hopefully be a part of a circular ecosystem. Value means different things to different people and the brand must decide for who It is creating value.

Collecting customer data in a digital flow most of the companies have as a priority and is doing quite well, but what about collecting data in physical flow in a restaurant, a shop, in a store, etc. where you as a brand should meet the customers’ expectations and is so posed to create value and a positive experience shouldn´t that be measured? Why don’t you ask your customer where and when the experience is taking place?

HappyOrNot works in 135 markets collecting data in real-time, 1,5 Billion responses analyzed in over 10 years with 4000 customers worldwide.

And we would love to help you get more insight that is actionable and creates operational excellence.

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